Dr. Shalu Pal

  • "If you want quality and wonderful service, please go to Dr. Shalu Pal! The patience, care, and true concern that Dr. Pal has for her clients is wonderful. "

    --Seleena J
  • " I was pleasantly surprised by finding a hidden gem within Dr. Pal's office"

  • "Finally a doctor who is extremely knowledgeable, patient and explains things clearly. She is a wonderful human being who really takes the time to care for your needs. The office has a wonderful atmosphere and the staff are just as helpful as Dr. Pal. "

  • "I couldn't ask for a better Optometrist. She is a delight to deal with, very patient, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She was very good with my kids who can be very fussy at times.. And who could ask for a more beautiful location. Highly Recommend! "

    --Natalie M.
  • "My wife and I, highly recommend Dr. Pal. The staff, the service, the merchandise, are all top notch. They really make you feel welcomed. It has been several years since I have been able to see this well !!! You and your staff are the best !!!! "

    --Steve and Maria L.
  • "We barely go to optometrists so when we do, we should look for the best! I am super pleased I chose Dr. Pal\'s office. They were helpful from beginning to end, from booking on the phone to my actual visit. Dr. Pal was very detailed and went in-depth about my eye health. She is very patient and made me feel calm. The optician helped me pick a great pair of glasses, they were genuinely friendly which is a huge bonus."

    --Ahmad S
  • "I have been going to Dr. Pal for several years now. My most recent visit on June 6, 2016 was the best experience there that I have ever had. Firstly, the women on the desk were friendly and efficient - a very good prelude to my examination. Dr. Pal, herself, was, as usual, very thorough and encouraging in her examination. And she puts you at ease before we get into the eyes examination by discussing other things in life. That helps to ease any stress I may have. And they now have a man in the office who does that difficult examination (name of which I do not know!). He is so patient and encouraging and made the exam not so difficult for me this time. After all that, I saw Dr. Pal again before I left and she told me my eyes were good! Even had the news been not so good, I believe that I would be able to handle it because I truly believe that Dr. Pal and her staff would have taken good care of me. I will always go back to Dr. Pal and members of her team because I truly believe"

    --A. Howlett
  • " I have been to a few appointments at Dr. Pal\'s office over the last year for dry eye issues and every time it has been a very positive experience. The 3 receptionists at the front desk are warm and friendly. They are attentive and provide a very high level of customer service. I appreciate that they call me by name and remembered conversations we had at previous visits. I find Dr. Pal to be an excellent practitioner who is very thorough with her exams, has a lovely personality and takes the time to answer any and all questions that may arise. I am happy with the computer glasses I purchased and value the honest opinions I received from the staff when selecting frames. It was refreshing to have multiple opinions on styles and I felt they truly wanted me to walk out with a frame that was best suited to me. I highly recommend Dr. Pal \'s office! As a health care practitioner myself, I think all health care experiences should be this personilzed and friendly!"

    --A. Mclean


Sinusitis occurs more often in people with decreased immune systems and those with abnormal mucous production and filtration. You are coughing and sneezing and your body and head ache. You try and manage with over-the-counter cough and cold medicines but nothing seems to work. The aches and pains continue for over a week particularly in your head and face. A common cause of these symptoms is inflamed sinuses (sinusitis).

Sinuses are air cavities lined by mucous membranes and all eight of them are located inside your skull. When these cavities become infected or inflamed the pain can be rather severe and troubling. The type of symptoms and pain you have depends entirely on which sinuses are affected. There are four pairs of sinuses: the frontal which are located over the eyes in the brow area; the maxillary which are inside each cheekbone; the ethmoid which are behind the nose bridge and between the eyes; and the sphenoid which are behind the ethmoid and the eyes in the upper region of the nose. Each sinus has an opening into the nose for the free exchange of air and mucous. When air is trapped within blocked or inflamed sinuses along with pus or other secretions there is increased pressure on the sinus wall. Intense pain is often the result. Similarly when air is prevented from entering the swollen sinus a vacuum can be created which also causes severe pain.

There are three types of sinusitis. Acute sinusitis lasts for three weeks or less chronic sinusitis lasts anywhere from three to eight weeks but can last for months or years and recurrent sinusitis involves several acute attacks per year. Depending again on which sinuses are affected symptoms and pain can differ. The following is an abbreviated list of possible symptoms:

  • strong headache when waking up in the morning
  • pain when forehead is touched (indicates frontal sinuses)
  • aching in upper jaw/teeth/cheeks (indicates maxillary sinuses)
  • eyelid/eye tissue swelling and pain between eyes (indicates ethmoid sinuses)
  • fever,weakness,fatigue,cough,runny nose/congestion
  • pain in the forehead when tilting head downwards

Most people however have pain in several locations so it is often difficult to tell which sinuses are inflamed.

Sinusitis can have many causes. The most frequent cause of acute sinusitis is the common cold. The cold virus initially increases mucous production and swells up the sinuses. This is a good environment for bacteria to grow and this leaves the sinuses more susceptible to a sinus infection. Fungal infections allergies and smoking are also possible causes. Some people just have chronic sinus inflammation which in itself has numerous triggers. Sinusitis occurs more often in people with decreased immune systems and those with abnormal mucous production and filtration. People with asthma may also experience repeated episodes of sinusitis.

This condition is easy to mistake for the common cold. The key difference between the two is that colds usually go away on their own without intensive treatment in about seven to 14 days. Sinusitis usually lasts longer and causes more symptoms. Your doctor can diagnose sinusitis by listening to your symptoms doing a physical examination and taking X-rays and if necessary an MRI or CT scan (magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography). Treatments include anti-inflammatories and decongestants either in pill form or as a spray antibiotics if it’s a bacterial infection and pain relievers. It is important to note that over-the-counter decongestant nasal sprays often cause more sinus congestion and swelling if they are used too often. These should be used sparingly (usually no more than 3 days). This does not apply to prescribed steroid nasal sprays. When medical treatment fails surgery may be the only alternative for treating chronic sinusitis.

In addition to prescribed medications there are a few things you can do at home to help lessen the symptoms:

  • Get plenty of rest. Lying down can help drain sinuses and relieve pain.
  • Drink plenty of fluids especially hot liquids.
  • Making sure the air in your home is filtered and humidified is a good first step. This can make a huge difference.
  • Inhaling steam from a vaporizer or hot cup of liquid can be quite soothing.
  • Pain in the face or head can sometimes be alleviated with the application of a nice warm washcloth to the affected area.
  • Rinse your sinus passages with a saline solution. You can buy an over-the-counter saline solution.

Any cold that lasts longer than two weeks is unusual; if your cold/flu is accompanied by any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms it is best to contact your doctor as soon as possible to be checked out.

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