Dr. Shalu Pal

  • "If you want quality and wonderful service, please go to Dr. Shalu Pal! The patience, care, and true concern that Dr. Pal has for her clients is wonderful. "

    --Seleena J
  • " I was pleasantly surprised by finding a hidden gem within Dr. Pal's office"

  • "Finally a doctor who is extremely knowledgeable, patient and explains things clearly. She is a wonderful human being who really takes the time to care for your needs. The office has a wonderful atmosphere and the staff are just as helpful as Dr. Pal. "

  • "I couldn't ask for a better Optometrist. She is a delight to deal with, very patient, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She was very good with my kids who can be very fussy at times.. And who could ask for a more beautiful location. Highly Recommend! "

    --Natalie M.
  • "My wife and I, highly recommend Dr. Pal. The staff, the service, the merchandise, are all top notch. They really make you feel welcomed. It has been several years since I have been able to see this well !!! You and your staff are the best !!!! "

    --Steve and Maria L.
  • "We barely go to optometrists so when we do, we should look for the best! I am super pleased I chose Dr. Pal\'s office. They were helpful from beginning to end, from booking on the phone to my actual visit. Dr. Pal was very detailed and went in-depth about my eye health. She is very patient and made me feel calm. The optician helped me pick a great pair of glasses, they were genuinely friendly which is a huge bonus."

    --Ahmad S
  • "I have been going to Dr. Pal for several years now. My most recent visit on June 6, 2016 was the best experience there that I have ever had. Firstly, the women on the desk were friendly and efficient - a very good prelude to my examination. Dr. Pal, herself, was, as usual, very thorough and encouraging in her examination. And she puts you at ease before we get into the eyes examination by discussing other things in life. That helps to ease any stress I may have. And they now have a man in the office who does that difficult examination (name of which I do not know!). He is so patient and encouraging and made the exam not so difficult for me this time. After all that, I saw Dr. Pal again before I left and she told me my eyes were good! Even had the news been not so good, I believe that I would be able to handle it because I truly believe that Dr. Pal and her staff would have taken good care of me. I will always go back to Dr. Pal and members of her team because I truly believe"

    --A. Howlett
  • " I have been to a few appointments at Dr. Pal\'s office over the last year for dry eye issues and every time it has been a very positive experience. The 3 receptionists at the front desk are warm and friendly. They are attentive and provide a very high level of customer service. I appreciate that they call me by name and remembered conversations we had at previous visits. I find Dr. Pal to be an excellent practitioner who is very thorough with her exams, has a lovely personality and takes the time to answer any and all questions that may arise. I am happy with the computer glasses I purchased and value the honest opinions I received from the staff when selecting frames. It was refreshing to have multiple opinions on styles and I felt they truly wanted me to walk out with a frame that was best suited to me. I highly recommend Dr. Pal \'s office! As a health care practitioner myself, I think all health care experiences should be this personilzed and friendly!"

    --A. Mclean
Dry Eye Syndrome


Dry Eye Syndrome

Did you know: At age 65 the eye produces approximately 60% fewer tears than it did at age 18. Did you ever wonder why your eyes are covered with tears? It s because the delicate tissue on the surface of the eye the cornea has no blood supply - it has a tear supply instead. Rather than getting important things like oxygen and electrolytes from the blood your eyes get these substances from the watery layer of your tears. The tear layer acts as a barrier to infection keeps the surface of the eye clear and provides the necessary nutrients to the cornea.

Dry eye syndrome (D.E.S.) is caused by a failure to produce the necessary quality or quantity of tears to protect and preserve the ocular surface of the eyes. Those with D.E.S. do not have a sufficient amount of tears to adequately bathe the eyes and therefore often complain of irritated scratchy stingy and/or red eyes. In severe cases many even suffer from decreased visual acuity. Some patients will also complain of watery eyes which can be the result of the eye s attempt to replenish its tear supply. Insufficient lubrication can eventually lead to a compromise in the health and integrity of the corneal surface reducing its ability to act as a barrier to infection.

D.E.S. is a common condition among:

  • people over the age of 65
  • computer users
  • smokers
  • contact lens wearers
  • those who work in dry and/or dusty environments
  • those exposed to excessive air conditioning
  • those with allergies to dust or pollen
  • arthritis sufferers
  • diabetics
  • women who are pregnant, nursing,post-menopausal
  • people taking certain medications such as anti-depressants,oral contraceptives,antihistamines,acne medications,blood pressure pills

Did you know:

At age 65,the eye produces approximately 60% fewer tears than it did at age 18.

The Anatomy of Dry Eye

Three thin layers make up the healthy tear film that coats and protects the eye.

  • The outer or lipid layer provides an oil-based surface that slows down the evaporation of tears. If this layer did not exist tears would evaporate 10 to 20 times faster than they do.
  • The middle or aqueous layer includes salt and protein in a base that is 98% water.
  • The inner mucin layer coats the surface of the eye allowing the other layers to form a film. Without this layer the tears would bead up much like rain does on a waxed car

When tears lack the important components shown above or when too few tears are produced the tear film can break down. This breakdown produces dry spots on the cornea causing the symptoms associated with dry eye.


Surprisingly dry eye syndrome does not always cause dry eyes. Burning or itching eyes a gritty feeling in the eyes presence of stringy mucus discharge excessive tearing and increased sensitivity to light are common symptoms of dry eyes. It is often difficult to wear contact lenses when there is a flare-up because the contact lenses absorb many of the tears leaving a diminished quantity to bathe the eyes.

How to get relief?

The tear film is essential to protect your eyes and treatment will provide more comfort. Your eyecare practitioner uses simple tests to assess the quantity and quality of the tear film. Depending on the severity of your condition tear replacement is the most commonly recommended therapy - this involves the use of lubricant eye drops. The primary goal of treatment is to keep the eye moist and comfortable and to protect the eye s delicate surface. There are many brands of artificial tears available on the market but not all are equally effective. Depending on the cause and severity of dry eye your optometrist can select the product that will most successfully relieve the problems of dry eye.

Another therapy of benefit in certain cases is the use of plugs made out of collagen for temporary use and of silicone for more permanent use that partially block the tear drainage ducts. This reduces the drainage of tears away from the eye and maximizes the time in which the tears are in contact with the eye. Some simple remedies that can help those with mild to moderate D.E.S. include:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This helps to keep your eyes lubricated and healthy
  • Avoid drafts from heating or air conditioning vents especially in cars and airplanes
  • Decrease caffeine (found in coffee pop etc.) and alcohol intake to a minimum as these products are diuretics and cause the body to expel water
  • Ensure that all makeup is removed daily with makeup remover
  • Avoid dusty and smoky environments
  • Humidify environments whenever possible

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